6 weeks to 2 years

Our Nursery group caters to children between the ages of 6 weeks and 2 years. We have 2 staff (an Educator and Educator Assistant) with a maximum group size of 8 children at any one time. Our baby’s room offers a safe, nurturing environment where your little ones will be our first priority.

Our Nursery Educators work with you, the parent, to ensure each child’s individual needs are being met. As such, we will ask that before your child commences at the centre, you spend some time in the room with your child in order for you to meet the staff who will care for your child at the centre. We will also get you to brief us on your child’s current routine, likes / dislikes, fears etc so that we can do our very best to follow through with a similar routine to what you are working with at home. Please remember that whilst we will always try very hard to cater for your child’s individual needs, sometimes this may not be possible or appropriate due to our care environment.

Daily Room Routine

As the ages and stages of the children in the Nursery determine varying levels of care needs and routines, we aim to work to each child’s individual routine where possible. We will record exactly what happens (when your child sleeps, eats, feeds, nappy changes etc) this will help you to understand what has taken place with your child throughout the day.

Please also note that children in this age group often experience changes in their routines as they grow and develop. Please feel free to discuss any factors relating to your child’s routine with the Educators in the room.